About Seats

Currently Simétik is not manufacturing or selling seats.

Please contact our partner Pro Sim Tech for complete setups, including seats and other accessories.

Because there’s a huge range of prices and types of seats, which can change dramatically the final price of your complete cockpit, we don’t impose you any. But here’s some suggestions:

Reclinable seat (road car type):

– Are generally more comfortable and easier to adjust and find a good position for your back. Runners are mounted under the seat and don’t require any other accessories. Many of them already include the runners.

Racing seat:


– These have a more rigid structure. If you don’t fit well, there’s no much foam to make the seat adapt to you. Generally the runners are mounted on the seat through side mounts, which is where you can adjust the tilt. Most of them are FIA homologated which increases the price.

Where to buy:

  • Local stores
  • Ebay
  • Distributors of main brands all around the world

Here’s a great showroom where you can find many brands and accessories:



Other options:

  • Use a seat you eventually have from an old rig
  • Buy a used car seat (sometimes you can find great sports car seats at a very fair price)*

* Some car manufacturers use asymmetrical sliders on their seats. Always check compatibility.


Despite there’s no standard measures for seat mounting, our seat base gives you an huge amount of possibilities, which includes all the hole patterns of all the types of sliders we have ever tested. It’s almost impossible to find a seat that doesn’t fit in any of our mounting possibilities. Even if that happens you can easily drill new holes on the cockpit seat base.

Check the mounting hole pattern for the new K2-R cockpit.



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