Simétik (Simulation + Mimetic) is a trademark which intends to upgrade the way virtual racing is experienced in the comfort of your home.

Several years of motorsport experience, combined with racing equipment design were the key elements to make the connection between drivers and racing teams, and the development of our products.


The accuracy, attention to detail and constant evolution are Simétik requisites to guide the brand to excellence levels of quality and ergonomy.


Our cockpits are based in real GT cars, which means that you are exactly seated in the same position as if you were in a race car.

Working side by side with real professional racing teams and drivers, we intend to achieve the most solid and ergonomic rig to provide the best experience possible.

The quality of our cockpits has shown itself as professional drivers such as Tiago Monteiro, ex F1 driver, Filipe Albuquerque, Audi Le Mans driver and Daytona 24h winner, Miguel Faísca, GT Academy winner, are using our cockpits to practice at home.

The attention we put into the rig designs is a key factor as we ship worldwide in very compact boxes and have competitive rates.


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