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Handbrake support for Fanatec Clubsport Handbrake.

Allows you to use several shifter models with this handbrake, with the correct angle and height. Like in a real rally car.

Two variants available, for the right and for the left side of the cockpit.

Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 4,5 cm

Weight: 1,4 kg

Handbrake support package


2 reviews for Handbrake Support -FNT

  1. Nuno Aparício (verified owner)

    Keeps everything in place and the package have the same care as the other parts that I already bought

  2. James F (verified owner)

    This would have been another 5 start from me if it weren’t for physics. The part is built with the same high level of quality as everything else, no issues there.

    The only issue becomes that the handbrake is ultimately positioned (in my case) almost a foot away from the main chassis giving it a fair bit of leverage on the shifter bracket. The shifter bracket is insanely beefy, but you do end up with a bit of movement there pulling on the brake.

    • Simetik

      Thank you for your fair and honest review James. All true. That’s why we don’t recommend the handbrake support for other than Fanatec handbrake (which is not very hard).

      Unfortunately the distance from the support to the cockpit can’t be smaller, otherwise you will hit with your hand on the handbrake when you shift to 6th gear in an H pattern shifter. That distance is what makes it flex a bit.

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