K2-R Cockpit

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K2-R Cockpit

The K2-R Cockpit is a high stability and rigid frame which mimetizes a real GT racing car driving position.
*Doesn’t include seat, pedals or steering wheel, or any other accessories.
Available in for variations: Black, White, Black with Direct Drive wheel base and White with Direct Drive wheel base.
  • Steering wheel – Tilt, height and depth.
  • Pedals – Tilt, distance and 2 height positions.
  • Length: 3 possibilities to assemble the rear to the front part of the frame to allow people from 1,35m /4,4ft up to 1,95m/6,4ft. (these dimensions could change with different seat manufacturers).
  • Seat Mounting: Several hole pattern to fix your seat. Fasteners included.
  • External dimensions (without seat):  Length – Min. 1282mm / Max. 1382mm    Width – 550mm
Compatible with:
  • Logitech G25/G27/G29
  • Thrustmaster T500RS/T300
  • Fanatec Clubsport
  • Podium series
  • CSL Elite (pedals and wheels)
  • Universal fixation, etc.

Dimensions: 75 x 38 x 22cm

Weight: 34 kg



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57 reviews for K2-R Cockpit

  1. Jason Hughes

    Best Cockpit I’ve ever sat in!

    This sim rig is solid like a rock but very comfy

    all of my equipment mounted up no issues, only had to drill 2 holes for pedals.

    the adjust-ability on this rig is perfect, I’m surprised it stays solid with how much adjustment there is.

  2. Nuno Aparício (verified owner)

    Very beautiful, clean and simple but with many options to adjust for a perfect fit for any kind of person. And it’s Portuguese :)

  3. Mike Tran (verified owner)

    Seriously one of the best purchases I’ve made. The construction is rock solid and easy to install. I’m glad I picked this rig over the competitors.

    Customer service was excellent. Thanks Nuno!

  4. Raikku

    I bought this last summer.

    Superb, especially for the price. Very sturdy and solid, I have Fanatec CSW v2 wheelbase and pedals(and Seq stick on gearshift mount) attached to it, but it would easily withstand any DD -wheel too. Very easy to adjust also, and mounting seat to it was no brainer, existing mounting holes allow you easily to get seat or seat with seatsliders attached.

    Fully recommend this for everyone who need rig which doesn’t cost a fortune.

  5. fabio

  6. Rui Teotónio

    This Rig is a SimRacing Tank! Very well build and solid.
    Customer Service is 100% professional and always on top of things you may ask!
    Thanks to Simetik and Nuno!

  7. Maxime Douzon (verified owner)

    Already the packaging impressed me! But once mounted it’s a pleasure. With the support shiffter and handbrake we really believe it. Nothing moves and it smells of quality.
    Nice work Simetik and thank you


    Best rig on the market especially for the price! Review vids here:

  9. Raphaël

    je suis plus que satisfait de mon cockpit que j’ai depuis plus de 3 ans maintenant (acheté en janvier 2016). Il est simplement parfait : de par ses réglages et de par sa solidité… Rien ne bouge, c’est du costaud (j’ai mis dessus un siège Sparco R100 avec glissière pris chez oreca). Je viens d’ailleurs d’acheter des accessoires supplémentaires (commandés hier soir, expédiés ce matin…).
    Au top

  10. Luis Araya

    one of my best buys in my sim rig. It’s pure quality all over. Much much better than any other competitor and the rig has allot of different adjustments.

    Thank you guys for making this rig awesome work on it.

  11. Roland

    I bought the K2 almost exactly three years ago today and have been using it for roughly 1500 hours all in all. Over the course of all of that, I never had to tighten anything, nothing rattled or creaked, not even in the past year when I was using a Direct Drive wheel.

    On a more general note, customer support is phemonenal and the steady supply of new or improved addons is very welcome.

    Thank you Simetik & Nuno for your work!

  12. James (verified owner)

    The rig and the customer service that I received are Amazing! This rig is solid and has zero flex. I also bought the shifter and handbrake support brackets for my fanatec gear and I can honestly say this is the most efficient and comfortable driving position I’ve ever had in sim racing. This is because of the unlimited amount of adjustability on everything on or attached to the rig. I’ve been blown away by the huge amount of attention to detail and everything works perfectly. The only fault would be the handbrake bracket, it’s the only item that has flex. I’d say it could be smaller to kill the flex and have the handbrake closer to the shifter. I’m just over 6 feet tall and there’s still room on the table for taller people. Customer service from Nuno was world class and I received three working days after dispatch. I can’t ever see me buying another rig as this is my rig nirvana!

  13. Julian PACAUD (verified owner)

    Amazing cockpit ! Easy to mount, and the package is perfect. Nothing to say, i would recommand it. 5/5

  14. Petteri (verified owner)

    5/5! Pre-installed mounts for fanatec wheel and pedals. I have Sparco R100 seat and it was easy to install. I am very satisfied to this product and its price.
    If you search a sim rig, Simetik K2 it is a very good choice!

  15. Florian Winter (verified owner)

    Preis/Leistung TOP! Super stabil und sieht klasse aus – kein Vergleich zu meinem alten Playseat.

  16. Sean Campbell (verified owner)

    Rock solid rig – went together easily. Components are of the highest quality. Did I say rock solid? Hard pressed to find a better rig out there!

  17. Christoph

    After a year of usage i can say this rig is worth every cent. Extremely rigid, absolutely no play or wobble in the construction, even with my heusinkveld pedals. Only the keyboard support could have one more joint to make it a little more articulate, but it works just fine.

    Everything else is as good as it gets without going 80/20 and handing over twice as much money for the same features.

  18. Marco Moreno (verified owner)

    Exceeded my expectations. Very well packaged, easy to assemble and very well build. Using it with a DD wheel. Solid rig.

  19. stephencutajar

    WOW, the packing alone is enough to impress. Glad I ordered the white version, it’s beautiful, rock solid, I can finally push the brake pedal hard without any flexing anywhere. Fully adjustable, I am 1.82m tall and it is so well designed, I can get in and out with ease. Attention to detail and finish is incredible with all the hardware included to fit your seat, wheel and pedals. What more can I say? Great product, well worth every cent. Thank you Nuno and Simetik.

  20. Ivan Stankov (verified owner)

    Nothing more to said,recommend it!

  21. Dave T (verified owner)

    This a fantastic sim rig, strong, very stable and of excellent build quality. There is nothing that can not be adjusted to suit personal tastes. Not only that but customer support is above and beyond expectations. I’m not affiliated with Simetik in any way, just a very satisfied customer. Thoroughly recommended!!

  22. Simon Friedl (verified owner)

    everything has been said here before, I want to add that the rig has a very compact design too which is perfect for people like me with a small room for their hobby ! highly recommended!

  23. Trevor Waite (verified owner)

    Upgraded to this rig from a Playseat challenge and I’m really pleased with it, very well packaged, a joy to assemble and adjust, looks great and rock solid, it actually takes up less space than my playseat did! Many thanks Simetik a great product!

  24. Andy

    Absolutely incredible value for money! This rig feels hewn from granite, it’s completely solid with no flex (even with my Heusinkveld pedals) and takes up little room. It’s easy to put together, comes with everything you need and the finish is fantastic. You’ll need nothing more!

  25. Johannes Hagn (verified owner)

    The best rig out there, especially for the money!
    What can I say? It’s an absolute tank.
    Sturdy, rigid, made of high quality materials and absolutely beautiful.
    It handles my DD2 base like a champ, no flex at all unlike my previous chassis.
    I ordered it and it arrived at my doorstep 3 days later from Portugal!
    Packaged really well, shock-proof and cushioned up from top to bottom.
    Extremely friendly and helpful service too, since I placed my order wrong (chose black instead of white K2) and contacted them via E-Mail – the response was what I’d consider immediate and the package left their warehouse the very same day I ordered it.

    All I can really say is, that this is by far the best rig I’ve ever had and I’ve been through a few over the years.

    Excellent excellent product.

    Still on the verge? Just go for it, you won’t regret it!

  26. Adam Pridgen (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my K2 cockpit. I would recommend this to anyone looking for their first full cockpit. It is cheap, and super sturdy. This cockpit is expertly designed and will last you years.

  27. Luís Gonzaga

    Após alguns meses de teste só posso dizer que estou bastante satisfeito com o cokpit.

    Muito forte, sem oscilações aquando jogo no meu Logitech G29 e depois de colocar umas rodas ficou bastante fácil deslocar a sua localização pois havia algum conflito com a minha menina.

    Porém acho que devia existir uma maior possibilidade elevar a base do volante pois com banco e slidder ficou um pouco baixo.

    Fiquei suprrendido com o tempo de entrega e creio que tem uma execelente relação qualidade preço.

  28. Nick Conner (verified owner)

    I have been using this rig now for around 6 months I have a Fanatec DD1 with the additional DD mount, Fanatec V3 pedals, and shifter. Ordering and delivery went without any problems, well packaged. There is absolutely no flex while driving with high torque settings, it feels so solid. I must say that this rig is so well thought out, the Adjust-ability is simply perfect, I am quite a big guy 1.9 mtrs and I have been able to adjust the rig easily to make it so very comfortable. I cannot recommend this rig highly enough compared to other rigs that are popular (P1) this rig is also more aesthetically pleasing to look at, and at a far more competitive price point. Well done and thanks!!!!!!.

  29. Ron

    Very simple. Everything you have read in the reviews is true. No exaggerations, all true. I doubt there is anything on the market that can compete with the K2-R especially at this fair price point. The customer service is great as well. If you are looking for a reason not to buy this thing, sorry there is none. Thanks Simetik for this awesome piece of a mans toy :)

  30. Aaron

    Bought original K2 in 2016. Best piece of sim equipment I’ve ever bought, one of the best products of any kind I have ever bought. Well thought out, super sturdy, easy to modify. Very adjustable: I put my 5’4″ sister and my 6’1″ brother in this rig within 3 minutes of each other, both with perfect fit.

    Would buy again, except it is so solid and sturdy that I will never need to replace it.

  31. Eric Braxton (verified owner)

    The one thing I’m impressed with the most about the K2R is it’s superb build quality. Everything about it is just so nice and well thought out. Built like a tank. I feel like this thing is going to last me well into the future. Fantastic job Simetik! The K2R is awesome!

  32. Luc (verified owner)

    Awesome rig.
    Extremely Strong and no flex at all. I’ve got the K2R and I’m absolutely in love! Will probably mount my monitors on the monitor stand very soon!

  33. Jacques Jensen

    I am extremely happy with my purchase. The K2-R Cockpit is engineered very thoughtfully with no expense spared on materials. The build instructions are clear and the level of adjustment is incredible. It is very heavy duty and does not flex at all, or make any annoying noises. Oh and it looks great! Thanks Simetik!

  34. Renaud de Munck (verified owner)

    I have a new K2-R, and this is an extraordinary rig. No flex at all, great looks, great adjustability, very easy to mount thanks to the clear instruction video, it even comes with the necessary tools, no noises whatsoever. My mails were answered very quickly and accurately. I am amazed at the quality and am ecstatic with my purchase. Many thanks to Simetik!

  35. H. Rosenberg (verified owner)

    Ich bin sehr froh das ich mich für dieses Rig entschieden habe, wurde mir von meinem Kollegen empfohlen, wollte mir erst von einem anderen Hersteller ein Rig kaufen, was weit aus teurer ist. Die Qualität des Rigs begeistert mich. Das Video für das Aufbauen des Rigs ist super erklärt. Bin sehr zufrieden.
    Danke Simetik.

  36. Dirk (verified owner)

    Best Cockpit ever!!!
    The Cockpit is rock solid and has a lot of adjustment options.
    The Service is great and you will always get an answer within hours.
    The delivery package is awesome packed.
    There are a lot of further allen screws to attach your pedals, steering wheel and seat.
    The price is more than fair.
    You will not find another rig which is so solid.
    The assembly instruction is for dummies. Just anybody can build this rig together:

    Thank you SIMETIK for such a great product and service!!!

  37. jimdenessen34 (verified owner)

    Best sim cockpit K2- R (white)good quality is far better than I expected, no flex in frame and I love the white on black/ little red combo. looks very good lucky and good timing with ordering shipping time was bit long but when you see the K2-R I am happy thanks for everything simetik love your product and every one racing have fun

  38. David Kao (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd sim cockpit and the best ever, in the past I owned Apiga AP1 and PlaySeat Evolution. PlaySeat wasn’t bad, but the pedal flex problem really bothers me as I planned to upgrade to load cell, hence I’ve been searching for more study cockpit.

    I guess I happen to be lucky enough to order a new revision of this cockpit, and there were a bit wait until it ships, however after I received it I feel it all worth the wait, worth mention the owner is very responsive on their FB page and always patience with my questions, which mitigates my concern of waiting.

    From the packaging you can see they care every single details, I forgot to take a photo but this was by far the best packaging I’ve ever seen, they got every single space filled so parts won’t move within the box, all the screws / nuts / washes were properly sorted with alphabet labels that maps to installation guides which allows you to quickly find them.

    It seems I ordered the first batch of K2-R hence they don’t have assembly instruction printed yet, but they provided a very nice youtube video that’s even better then paper instructions. Installation was quite smooth, with perfect fit & finish, I never need to worry about holes won’t match or size doesn’t fit, which tend to happen when I assemble my previous rigs.

    The way wheel / pedal stand designed was quite flexible and I believe should fit 95% equipments without the need of drilling holes, this applies to chair as well. And it’s SUPER STURDY, I recently got my loadcell (Fanatec Clubsport v3), with maximum force there’s no flex at all! Not to mention there’re million things you can adjust easily, e.g. pedal angle, pedal height (2 position), wheel distance / height / angle, seat to pedal distances ..etc.

    The only down side is it’s very heavy, but kind of expected when you have a sturdy rig, that said it would be great to see some rolling wheel accessory to make it easier to move around when needed.

    TL;DR – buy it and you won’t regret.

  39. Christophe Loubat (verified owner)

    Un cockpit avec une très belle finition et d’une grande qualité. Simple à monter, très robuste il ne bouge pas sous l’effet du retour de force, et la quand on freine on freine !
    En comparaison avec les cockpits du marché ( une bonne quinzaine) SIMETIK est de loin le meilleur. Avec une possibilité d’évolution jusqu’au dynamique et de nombreux accessoires, la marque SIMETIK, avec Nuno et sa très bonne communication, est la mieux de toute pour moi. Merci à Nuno pour mon K2-R c’est juste magnifique.

  40. Tuomas Kupiainen (verified owner)

    I have owned and used the K2-R Cockpit for a week and I must say that it’s a very impressive cockpit.

    I like just about everything in it: it’s design, how it looks, compact size, ease of assembly, how the packaging and sorting of parts and fasteners has been made, comfortable driving position, the rigidity (this thing does not flex!), the adjustability and the ability to install your own seat on it.

    By the way, the Sparco R333 sport seat with the Sparco HD seat slider kit (SKU: SCO00493) really fits like a glove to this cockpit, that’s what I’m using.

    Like someone else here I too had unknowingly ordered the first batch of K2-R Cockpit and assembly instructions on paper weren’t included with the cockpit as they didn’t had the assembly instructions printed on paper at the time my order was sent. However, they provided a link to the YouTube video which acted as assembly instructions and for me that was even better then paper instructions. The assembly itself went smoothly on my end, everything necessary, including fasteners, were included in the package and all parts fitted to each other without any problems.

    The one and the only thing I really dislike about this cockpit is the lack of rolling wheel accessory. They should be made possible to purchase seperately if they won’t be included with the cockpit. Due to K2-R’s sheer weight they would make the cockpit much easier to move around in the apartment. But I’m sure that suitable rolling wheel accessory could be purchased from somewhere else so it’s not such a huge problem after all as something like this can be quite easily installed as a DIY project.

    My Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition wheel and Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 were easy to install to the K2-R Cockpit, no extra holes needed to be drilled. If someone here is wondering that is it possible in K2-R to mount the sequential shifter AND the handbrake next to the wheel by using only ONE shifter support, I can tell you that it is possible! I managed to do just this with the Thrustmaster TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod (which in my case works as the sequential shifter) and the Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake. It required DIY made mounting brackets for the Thrustmaster TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod but not very hard to do if you got some tools and materials available to you and some time to spare.

    For the DIY mounting brackets I used some rigid scrap aluminium parts I’ve found from my workplace. And to put things together I purchased seperately some M6 bolts, nuts and washers from a local hardware store. All it took to make it possible was some measuring, cutting, drilling, a bit of assembling and a few hours of labour. I’m very satisfied with the results, the mounting brackets I fabricated for the Thrustmaster TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod does their job really well (and they don’t look bad either) and the shifter support next to the wheel looks absolutely fantastic on the K2-R Cockpit when it has both the sequential shifter and the handbrake (Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake) mounted at the same time.

    So well done, Simetik, you have really nailed it with this K2-R Cockpit! I will be using this cockpit with great satisfaction for many, many years to come!

  41. Mike C (verified owner)

    I received my K2-R rig a week ago and I’m blown away! This rig is incredible!

    The packaging for shipping is unbelievably well engineered and thought out. Every single component was well protected and in mint condition after shipping from Portugal to the UK. The care and attention shown in the packaging sets the tone for the thought and incredible engineering that has been put into the design, durability and the assembly process for the rig. It’s solid as a rock once built and the build was completed with no trouble whatsoever.

    The adjustability of the mounting points allowed me to bolt my seat (which I pulled from a scrap car) with no issues. Same goes for my pedals and wheel. The adjustability of seat, wheel and pedals allows for the perfect driving position for any user of any size. I can highly recommend the central monitor support which has allowed me to mount a large TV just behind the wheel for a genuinely immersive experience.

    I’d give this rig 10/10 without hesitation. As a sim racer I’m delighted with the comfort and features of my set up and as a qualified aerospace engineer, I’m blown away by the quality of the product, the design and the engineering that has been put into this product.

    I’m like a kid at Christmas this week!

  42. Balazs Kovari (verified owner)

    I can only repeat what others said above, this cockpit (K2-R) is exactly what I was looking for. Amazing product, amazing adjustability, amazing packaging.

  43. Hans-Jürgen W.

    Ich besitze nun das K2 seit November 2019 und bin froh , dass ich mich ,nach langem Überlegen, für dieses Rig entschieden habe. Top Qualität ,alles sehr solide und stabil, da wackelt nichts. Im Vergleich zu anderen , sich auf dem Markt befindlichen Rigs, ist hier das Preis-Leistungs Verhältnis unübertroffen.
    Auch das Zubehör ist Klasse und passt einfach ! Habe mir die Tastataurhalterung und die Tablethalterung nachbestellt. Auch diese beiden Teile sind super und passen perfekt.
    Absolut empfehlenswert !!!

  44. Matt Maddocks (verified owner)

    Very impressed with my K2R rig, easy to assemble, fast delivery, solid platform with loads of adjustablilty, packaged extremely well. Nuno has been fast to respond to my queries and accurate with timeframes.
    Thank you Nuno and thank you Simetik

  45. Justin Juneau (verified owner)

    I purchased the K2-R last month. This product is hands down, without a doubt, the best, most sturdy cockpit I’ve had the luxury of owning. I’m using it with a direct drive unit (DD1) and there is absolutely zero flex/movement in the rig. The materials, packing, paint job, etc., are perfection. Not to mention the way they packed this product tells you this company has spent a TON of time and attention to detail trying to perfect it. I will continue to recommend this product to other racers I come across online. Keep up the amazing work!

  46. Ashley Gefaell (verified owner)

    I stumbled across Simetik without hearing of them before, couldn’t find any bad reviews so I placed an order for the K2-R and don’t regret it just wished I’d not wasted so much time looking at other rigs. Amazing build quality, was well impressed when unboxing and building it. Would definitely recommend

  47. Philipp A (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service and a very high quality product! Bought the K2-R with mouse, keyboard and shifter accessories. Would definitely recommend!

  48. David Yi (verified owner)

    Everything from the packaging to the final build was top notch!

    Amazing build quality and very rigid overall. Running CSW 2.5 but I’m sure this can handle DD’s which will be my next upgrade.

    I was also able to mount 5 buttkickers with ease and no drilling.

    Definitely recommend!!!

    Pics I posted on reddit ..

  49. Ricardo Claro

    Was sent the K2R for review. I’ve owned a k2 for a year and half and jumping to the K2R was a great leap.
    Great build quality, lots of adjustability and it looks nice to top it all off.

    Review: https://youtu.be/vLikFfrLcNo

  50. Marcel Volstorf (verified owner)

    I ordered the K2-R at the beginning of this year and it is amazing! It was one of the first -R versions sent out and it arrived very fast. At that time, the manual was not ready and Corona started to spread. I was contacted immediately after the purchase and a foto instruction was sent by mail for installation which was great.

    The packaging is something worth mentioning. Like a puzzle, every peace was carefully placed in the cardboard and covered with foil. No scratches, nothing, absolutely perfect. This is something not common these days.

    Installation was very easy but took some time. The drilling and component tolerances in general as well as the screw quality are at a very high level. As a German technician, I can emphasize this once again. ;-)

    Using the rig on a daily basis since then, there was not a day I had any problems with stability, adjustability or quality e.g. the black and red coated/painted parts or the adjustable screws.

    I can highly recommend buying the K2-R as it is worth every cent or penny and it even costs less than the competitors and offers a lot more stability.

    I’m also playing flight simulators and when sitting on my Sparco R100, which fits perfectly on the K2-R btw, I thought mounting my HOTAS on supports available for shifters on each side could be a good option.
    I ordered two and what can I say, the customer support got attention of this, not letting the order pass through, no, they told me that a support for HOTAS is available but not yet listed in the shop. If I like my order can be changed to this new peace of hardware instead of the selected shifter supports. Some final fotos were send to underline this option.

    Really appreciated!!!

    It is not only important to rate the product but also the support, packaging, instruction manual, tolerances and philosophy of the company.

    My impression is very very positive with alle this summed up and Simétik is offering a full package of technology, quality and customer dedicated support and thats what sim fans need!

    Keep the innovation going and never leave your path of understanding the customer as you do it today. Meeting unspoken expectations is not something everyone can do. Thx!

  51. Greg

    Great product. so much adjust-ability it took me a while to figure the best position for the Fanatec components. Sparco seat and track used. Cool hardware, just suggest using a ratchet with 5mm & 6mm head to make it easier. Used the web video to build. Purchased in Toronto, Canada. To mount the 43″ on the Simetik TV mount I just enlarged the holes slightly to accommodate the 8mm that fits direct to the back of most TVs therefore, no vesa mount required. Just had to buy the correct 4 bolts, very easy once the hole can accommodate the bolt. Really great product and I will probably never need anything better. I highly reco.

  52. Sebastian

    Outstanding RIG. Went from a custom fabricated unit which was welded together using 2″ square tubing as I was concerned about flex. The new K2R was just as ridgid if not more so. The accessories available through Simetik are just as sturdy. The quality of the workmanship and packaging was equally impressive. To top it all off the price point for what you are receiving is outstanding and reasonable. My congrats to the group at Simetik for designing and producing a fine product.

  53. João Valverde

    Best rig I’ve ever owned! Easy to assemble and adjust. Level of workmanship is outstanding and the packaging is impeccable. The rig is extremely comfortable and sturdy, it doesn’t flex at all and I can race in it for hours. Big congrats and thank you to the team that designed this. Won a few championships with this.

  54. Frank D. (verified owner)

    I bought the K2-R two weeks ago and I’m absolutly happy about. Extrem solid and easy to adjust. I use an G49 Ultrawide Monitor, OMP-Seat and a PCBigtower. Nothing is shaking when i drive with my DD1 Wheelbase on high FFB. Absolut fantastic! You can’t get a better cockpit in this priceclass! I hope more feautures will come, like soundbox- coffeecupholder pp. I would order all ;-) The packaging is outstandig and extremly good! The video installationguide is very helpful and simple! I will have a lot of fun with this K2-R!

  55. Sascha Böckmann (verified owner)

    Absolut mega geiles Cockpit. Das Rig ist absolut Stabil und ideal für ein DD Wheel.
    Ich bin 1,90m groß und sitze in dem Cockpit sehr bequem. Der Aufbau ist in dem Video super erklärt und war kinderleicht. Auch nochmal ein fettes danke an Nuno Alves der alle meine Fragen beantwortet hat. Ich kann das Rig absolut weiter empfehlen und würde auch 10 Sterne geben wenn ich könnte.

  56. Martin Brachmann (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with the rig. The package arrived very well packed, which is already very positive. The assembly with the video also went smoothly. In use, it is very robust and stable, it does not wobble anywhere. In addition, there are many adjustment options to set everything optimally. I’m almost 1.90 and have a lot of space. If you don’t want an aluminum rig but also want something for the eye, you should grab it here.

  57. Tiago Neves

    Excelent rig, very solid, very well build.

    Has a lot of adjustments.

    Nice design and package design.

    Built to last.

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